Monday, April 7, 2014

Investment Pieces: Pointy-toe Pumps

Every woman should own a pair of pointy-toe pumps. Not only are they more comfortable than a round toe pump, but also add that touch of elegance and style.
What is your favorite style when is comes to heels?! :)

Friday, April 4, 2014

Guest Post: Catherine Lavinia

*Compensation for this post was provided by Catherine Lavinia. Opinions expressed here are my own.*

I have never done a guest post before, I got a great email from Ms. Lavinia, wanting to share some of her work. So take it away Catherine! :) 

Photography creates an illusion of being in an interesting world.

Photography is the art that creates an illusion of being in an interesting world, even if sometimes your world is pretty boring. It is an immediate reaction on the happening. There are so many great moments photographed that we can see over and over again. Living the passion of the photograph’s message is bliss. Girls spend hours of surfing through pictures on Tumblr. There are images of other girls, famous people, fashionable looks and amazing landscapes. Basically, everything that is there, looks beautiful, that is why people get addicted to watching pictures. We love seeing beautiful stuff, it makes us want it and it makes us think further to a day we will get to live like those people on the images do. The concept of street fashion went global. There is always a Miami fashion photographer who gets the best pictures of the pretty ladies and handsome guys dressed cool in the hot city. Looking at them, a shy girl that has not too much confidence to dress the way she wants, gets inspired and maybe there is something chancing in the way she thinks. Sometimes the desire and the courage you miss in real life, is portrayed in the picture you like so much. This may be the reason why you adore it. That is the thing about the fashion photography. An average person would sit in front of the computer dressed in a pajama and would look for a picture of some McQueen runway show and would picture himself as a person who has the courage to dress and to bring up the confident attitude like those models do. Photography, many times points out our desires and our very dark secrets. On everyone’s computer there is a folder with pictures. There are funny ones, motivational and inspirational quotes with the beautiful landscapes on background and moreover there are images that capture interesting moments of the life of someone. Photography creates this illusion of an interesting world that is pictured in an image. It brings you the best of real world and it invites you to be a part of it. As you look at a photograph, you start to feel the intangible insides of the events, people or things, that are portrayed in it. Photography is a way of living in the unknown, the past and the pure emotion of visualizing interesting thoughts and ideas.

Written by Catherine Lavinia 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Currently Obssesed: Statement Necklaces

Statement NecklacesStatement Necklaces by katjakcn featuring KCNJewels (free to sign up)

Delphia Necklace / Cara Necklace / Brandy Necklace / Ursula Necklace / Simone Necklace

Statement pieces really do complete any outfit, wouldn't you agree?
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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fit & Flare Polkadots

Polkadot Dress - ANGL / Black Booties - Sole Society / Bag - Forever21 / Necklace - KCNJewels 

Backless Bra "Maid" for You - Front Backless Bra "Maid" for You - Back

Bra's can be really annoying sometimes right? Especially when you can't wear them with cute low back, tops, dresses, etc. This is one of my favorite dresses from ANGL, unfortunately I can't wear a bra with it because it has cut-outs. So, I usually go bra-less, my chest ends up looking flat as a board! 
Thanks to StraplessFashion my chest has been SAVED. This bra is too amazing really, I originally saw it on pinterest, and was quite intrigued. I ended up getting the 'Maid' for You bra. (polkadots!) The sticky adhesive and overall style work better than a $50 bra I bought very similar to this from Victoria's Secret, lasted two joke. The bra also comes with a cool plastic container/film to keep your bra safe. To make your weekend even more better, I got a coupon code to share with you all! 
Save 40% with Coupon Code "shoutitout" :)